World Knowledge Forum

From October 11th to 13th 2016 was held the 2016 World Knowledge Forum that took place in Seoul, Korea.

I was invited to participate in two different sessions.

The first one entitled 2017 Geopolitical Outlook.
The global order is unstable. North Korea’s persistent pursuits of nuclear weapons have been bringing fear to the East Asian region. The competition between U.S.-China and Japan-China is being established. Terrorism is taking place continuously in Europe and Middle East’s refugee crisis is affecting political, economic, and social system in the region as well. Brexit is another key factor which may take apart the European Union. Overall, geopolitical risks are rising around the world. In this session, international experts will talk about the reason for the increase in geopolitical risks and come up with solutions for these issues.

I shared this panel with  Turki Al Faisal, Edwin Feulner, M.K. Narayanan and Han Sung Joo.

The second panel entitled The World After Brexit: End of Free Market.
Britain’s withdrawal from the EU was a significant event around the globe. EU member states use a single currency, the Euro, and share a customs union. After Britain voted to withdraw from the EU, they can now pursue their own tariff policy but they will have less accessibility to the EU market. The world is highly interested in how these changes caused by Brexit will affect the Britain and the EU. The official currency of Britain has been the British pound but British and European financial markets are considerably affected by Brexit because the British pound dropped significantly after Brexit. With the growing interests in the future of financial markets in the UK and Europe, global experts are going to diagnose a variety of economic effects caused by Brexit.

I shared this panel with Herbjorn Hansson, Laurent Jacquemin and Thierry de Montbrial.

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