Spain is back!

The ministers’ appearance week in the United Nations in New York has left a great number of political sequences and images of the Spanish Government and foreign policy in the General Assembly session period inauguration. The start of the international political year has brought us as the most relevant highlights the start of the thaw in US-Iran relations, the mistrust surrounding the international relations sphere, the provisional assessment of Millennium Development Goals and the bases for the 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals new proposal.

Spain’s comeback to the ONU path has not gone unnoticed, evidenced by the Spanish President’s speech before the General Assembly where, as highlighted by some media, he recovered former President Zapatero’s spirit in tuning in to the former path of the State’s foreign policy. Fortunately, the multilateralism and disarmament policy speech has been recovered and the achievements of Spanish development cooperation have been recognised, while proudly raising the flag of the Alliance of Civilisations as an initiative fostering cooperation among civil societies to progress towards a peaceful, respectful and safe cohabitation.

Undoubtedly, the new international political year comes with a very loaded agenda and many short- and medium-term goals requiring the strengthening of the United Nations institutional system. Countries such as Spain must work in a constructive spirit to dynamise the international community. We have reasons to celebrate. Spain is back! And slowly, with its dark and light shades, Spanish foreign policy returns to the ONU path, in need of political support and courage.