Seventh Edition of World Policy Conference

The World Policy Conference (WPC) was founded in 2008 as an independent organisation which aims to contribute to improving all aspects of governance, with a view to promoting a world that is more open, more prosperous, fairer and more respectful of the diversity of States and nations.

Its annual meeting, which is on a human scale, brings together leading figures from all five continents – political and business leaders, representatives of civil society, academics and journalists – in a climate of trust and a spirit of tolerance to examine, discuss and suggest constructive solutions to major regional and international challenges.

This seven edition was held in Seoul, South Korea, from 8 to 10th December 2014.

I have participated in the 8 session entitled: “Middle East in a global context” with: Dominique Moïsi, Special Advisor at Ifri as moderator and as speakers: Ribal Al-Assad, Chairman of the Iman Foundation, Sergei Karaganov, Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the non-governmental Council on Foreign and Defense Policy of Russia, Meir Sheetrit, Member of the Knesset, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel and Hubert Védrine, Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs.