The struggle against hunger

La Lucha Contra el Hambre - Portada The book The struggle against hunger is a calling out to the global civil society’s collective conscience and, above all, a general description of the situation of starvation in the world and the need to watch over the right to food. Miguel Ángel Moratinos points to politics as the key for the eradication of hunger, while warning about the limitation of resources and the need to explore new ways promoted by research and innovation programmes.

All through its pages, readers will go deep into a current issue which has never lost its relevance, while learning about the food challenges of a world population in growth who depends on water reserves and food safety. In recent years much progress has been made in the eradication of hunger, although the Millennium Development Goals review will require the reconsideration of new strategies to defend this utmost human goal: reducing starvation and poverty.

The former Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation considers that there are sufficient resources to fight hunger affecting almost 1,000 million people all over the planet. His narration rouses the optimism of everyone who does not lose hope of attaining a new world without hunger, since he considers that the resources are available, new initiatives are being carried out and citizen awareness concerning the need to defend human rights and fight extreme poverty and inequality situations is spreading out.

Author Miguel Ángel Moratinos
Publisher Turpial
Edited in May 2013
Published in Spanish