I present to you my book “The struggle against hunger”

When a few months ago Turpial publishers suggested me to write a book on the struggle against hunger,  I was seized by the same doubts as one year and a half ago when I decided to put myself forward as General Director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

But through commitment and responsibility I quickly cleared up those early doubts.

 I consider that today more than ever, we need visions and voices with a multidisciplinary experience and sufficient knowledge of the global world to tackle, as Edgar Morin would say, “the complexity of the reality of the 21st  century”.

This book seeks to put the struggle against hunger in the spotlight, while suggesting some reflections so that all citizens, and the public opinion in general, have enough tools to gain a better understanding of the true obstacles and challenges existing in our complex reality in order to achieve global food safety.

What I intend to do through this narration is not only illustrating the situation, but raising awareness and calling out citizens to demand responsibility from political representatives and a larger commitment from public and financial institutions.

Because we all are called out to foster the task of eradicating hunger in the world.