From Europe, against Europe

The alliance signed in Europe last month in The Hague by French and Dutch neo-fascist parties suggests that left-wing formations and citizen platforms must, in an urgent manner, start developing a lucid discourse for the protection of our democracies and civil and labor rights in the entire territory of the European Union. And the Commission must scrutinize and sanction the enforcement of the Treaties. If this were actually happening, parties such as those who openly proclaim intolerance, racism and xenophobia, who promote the populisms of hatred and the dismantling of Europe, would not even be a part of the European political map. Most probably, these compatriots are far more toxic than the Euro-skeptics on the other side of the Atlantic who, almost always, take into account our history during the XX century. Europe cannot remain impassive while the States of Justice and all progress made against inequality are demolished, and populisms and political indifference continue to rise. We need more Europe. And we need a Europe that feels proud of its principles and values.
The Left must commit itself to a Europe that upholds human rights, democratic values and inter-territorial solidarity, and thus continue to be a standard of progress and well-being; as well as a worldwide referent as regards freedom and rights. But only a project of great political reach can make Europe a referent for globalization. The European Left needs a new narrative and a common project in which, in the same way that the States’ and the Commission’s debt ceilings, treaties, guidelines and national legislations are recognized, minimum thresholds of well-being are established. Europe has a responsibility to contribute to the international community with high-quality democratic practices and excellent governing practices. The citizens of Europe claim for more institutions, stronger and further legitimized, in order to build a political union that can truly influence the regulation of the real economy and the financial economy, a union that will further public spaces and improve employment.