The Atlantic Dialogues
. Opening session: “The New Atlantic Equation: Convergence, Cooperation, and Partnerships”

Du 24 au 26 octobre 2014, à Marrakech, Maroc.

Titre de la discussion: The New Atlantic Equation: Convergence, Cooperation, and Partnerships

For the last century, the transatlantic relationship has been the most important partnership for both Europe and the United States. It has served as the foundation for global security, economic prosperity, good governance, and a shared commitment to democracy. However, with the emergence of new rising powers, the scope of the transatlantic landscape is shifting. This new world order has led the transatlantic partners to reevaluate the traditional alliance in order to better address current global realities. In doing so, they are expanding the notion of “transatlanticism” to encompass all four continents surrounding the Atlantic Basin: North America, Europe, South America, and Africa. With this new framework and growing Atlantic interdependencies, traditional forms of cooperation as well as broad partnerships are becoming critical to shaping the future of wider transatlantic relations. Together, Atlantic countries have the opportunity to build a greater foundation of cooperation for the Atlantic Basin by capitalizing on the potential of both the North and South, harnessing the dynamism of diverse societies, and developing a collaborative environment for shared knowledge. This session will focus on both the traditional and new forms of cooperation and explore how Atlantic partners are working together to find common solutions to shared challenges and concerns.

I participated in this discussion with  :

  • The Honorable M´ Barka Bouaïda, Minister Delegate , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Morocco
  • Her Excellency Laura Chinchilla, Former President of Costa Rica (Confirmed)
  • Ambassador Thomas Shannon, Counselor of the Department, U.S. Department of State (Confirmed)
  • Mr. Nik Gowing, Main Presenter, BBC World TV (Confirmed in General as Moderator)

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