Memorandum of Understanding between ONUART Foundation and the UN

Last Thursday 11th February 2016, we have signed with Director General of UNOG Michael Moller the Memorandum of Understanding between ONUART Foundation and the UN for the organisation of two annual concerts in the Chamber of the Alliance of Civilisations and Human Rights (Room XX) at the Palais des Nations; the one focussed on the Encounter of Civilisations and the other on Human Rights.

In it, it recognize the efforts of the ONUART Foundation in promoting the presence of Arts and Culture in the framework of the United Nations, valuing that the Foundation has made a major contribution to the United Nations with the achievement of the renewal of Room XX  (now called the Hall of Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations) with the work of internationally renowned Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo.

The agreement means, since during the last two years the Foundation has organized  the Concert for understanding between cultures and Respect for Human Rights, the possibility of organizing annually two major concerts y in this room of the United Nations Geneva, one focused on the meeting between Civilizations and another to promote human rights worldwide.

For this year 2016, the Foundation has planned on July 9th the “Concert for the meeting of Mediterranean cultures” that will feature singers for the first time of both shores of the Mediterranean and will aim to value that the Mediterranean has been since ancient times a communication channel, a bridge between cultures and where diverse languages, religions and traditions have coexisted.

On December 10th, on the Day of human Rights we will organized once more a concert conducted by the maestro Daniel Barenboim and the Orchestra West-Eastern Divan, an orchestra formed by musicians from Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab countries. 

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