EuroMeSCo General Assembly and Annual Conference 2015

The EuroMeSCo network held its Annual Conference and General Assembly on 8-9 of October 2015 in Milan. The event gathered over 100 participants from 27 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including policy-makers and experts from 75 research institutes on politics and security in the Mediterranean.

The General Assembly discussed the activities undertaken by the EuroMeSCo network in the last year, with a special focus on the new EuroMeSCo ENI Project, co-financed by the European Commission and the IEMed. It also approved the Work Plan for 2016 and the Annual Report. The General Assembly welcomed new institutes to the network, raising the total number of the EuroMeSCo members and observers to 102.

The Annual Conference “Reviewing the Euro-Mediterranean Relations” analysed the relations between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean partner countries in the changing geopolitical order. It examined the dynamics that have been determining success and failure over the past 20 years of Euro-Mediterranean relations and reflected on the future and challenges lying ahead, including internal and transnational conflicts, terrorism, migration, refugees crisis and economic and social issues. The conference adressed the current developments in three main dimensions of cooperation: politics and security, socio-economic and social, human and cultural, and reason on means for greater cooperation in these three areas.

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