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That’s all we needed!

After more than one year of reforms, as cutbacks and fiscal contraction policy are euphemistically known, it now seems that the European Commission is sending us back to square one. Warnings and Brussels’ mistrust of Spain re-emerge, while the Government announces a new set of cutbacks for the 26th of Read more

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In defense of Cyprus

I can still remember the month of June in 2003, when President Clerides came back to Nicosia from the European Council carrying EU’s unanimous decision of admitting Cyprus as a new member State. European and Cypriot flags were unfurled and multiplied all along Makarios Avenue, the blast of thousands of Read more



We are living in times of change and deep transformation. Today, we are leaving “yesterday’s world” behind and tomorrow we will have to build the future. We will only achieve it if we are able to understand the new perspectives of the world and the numerous chances and challenges they Read more